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Laughter Wellness Immersion: Enrich Your Life And Work!

This workshop is a journey into Laughter Wellness, a complete wellness and well-being workout that helps improve people’s health and quality of life. You will discover a range of joy-filled techniques and exercises that spark laughter, arouse smiling, pleasant feelings and positive energies, and offer a whole new way of unleashing positivity, peace of mind and promoting multiple aspects of wellbeing.

  • Day 1: Laughter and healing, personal development
  • Day 2: Laughing with others, at home and at work
  • (When available) Day 3: Beyond laughter: music, movements, games and creativity

Of interest and value to anybody interested in using or teaching refreshing, reliable and fun solutions in the areas of wellness and well-being, change and stress management, communication, collaboration, engagement, and leadership.

Open to complete beginners and seasoned laughter professionals alike.

What people say

This is one of the best workshop I have been to in a long time!Bron Roberts
This workshop went far beyond my expectation. It truly opened my eyes, ears, heart, body, mind and soul.Lian Havro

What you can expect

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