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Laughter Wellness Facilitator Certification Program

This training offers an in-depth and very much hands-on approach to the world of Laughter Therapy. It is packed with laughter tools and strategies that you will be able to implement right away and get immediate results from. Beyond the why it works, you will learn how to use laughter as a form of complementary medicine, low-impact exercise regime, and approach to personal development; how to integrate laughter into your personal life; how to confidently facilitate group laughter interventions with a variety of publics; and how to successfully start, run and grow your own laughter club.  Expect a training filled with laughter and growth, joy and awareness, in the company of like-minded spirits!

Become a teacher of laughter! Learn Laughter Yoga, Laughter Therapy, Laughter Wellness
We are an approved training provider of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Tuition: From $595
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Who This Training Is For

This certification program is of interest and value to anybody interested in using or teaching refreshing, reliable and fun solutions that people can learn and implement right away to help them in the areas of wellness and well-being, change and stress management, communication, collaboration, engagement, and leadership.

“You have fully codified and substantiated Laughter Yoga and taken it to a whole new level with Laughter Wellness. The strategy you’ve developed engenders confidence and the scope of your teaching material offers me endless variation when I add my own creativity.”

Deb Reid, Yoga Teacher

“We use Laughter Wellness in the Summer House memory care neighborhood to the delight of the residents and the staff.”

Katherine Kennedy, Program Director

Training Goals

  • Learn how to integrate a refreshing, fully codified and substantiated approach to Laughter Therapy into your life and work.
  • Learn a sound, sustainable and reliable approach to facilitating 1-1 and group laughter interventions.
  • Learn how to inspire and empower your clients with rich and healthy directions.

What You Will Learn

Agenda of the Laughter Wellness Facilitator certification

What People Say

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