G. Step Five: Wrap up

Your class is now coming to a close. It is time to wrap up.

You now need to shift people’s focus back to a thinking mode to help them understand the experience and its connection to daily life.

We’re going to do that through a variety of spoken exercises and activities.

Here is what you have experienced so far:

1. Spoken activities

Group affirmation: The facilitator starts by making a positive statement (e.g. “we are amazing!”), then everyone raises their arms and says “YES!” without repeating the statement. The group members are then encouraged to do the same by affirming something positive that everyone can cheer with a “YES!”

Happy news radio: Each member of the group says “Happy news radio” followed by something they genuinely feel happy about, and everyone applauds in response.

2. Revisit the 1-10 self-assessment

It’s time to return to the 1-10 self-assessment that we started the class with. Take a few breaths to notice what has changed. This is a perfect lead into the next and final activity.

3. Debrief

There are many different ways to do a debriefing.

Because of limited time, so far you have experienced two very quick ways of doing it:

  1. What is the one word you are taking away with you? …or “How would you summarize how you feel right now in one word?”
  2. Would anybody like to share? Would anyone like to share their thoughts on how this experience has impacted them or any changes they have noticed?