B. The Steps

Here is a high-level overview of how Laughter Wellness works. There are five steps. Everyone plays a role and is important. They are all elastic, meaning you can make them shorter or longer based on your personal preferences and needs.

Step Nr of activities Format Description
One: Tell Up to 3+ Facilitator talks + optional icebreaker(s). Tell: Create context and safety.
Two: Show 6 Facilitator explains and demonstrates, participants practice. Show: Establish leadership, initiate the shift from individuals to team, create safety, and identify and remove any potential troublemaker.
Three: Do As time allows Uninterupted sequence of short activities (20-60 seconds each) in a rolling sequence. Minimum explanations and talking. Do: Create upward spirals of positivity dynamically and interactively. Fully shift from thinking and judging into feeling and experiencing.
Four: Integrate 4 Introspective activities. Integrate: Deepen the benefits, and regulate chemistry.
Five: Wrap up Up to 4+ Optional spoken activities + group debrief. Wrap-up: Make sense of the experience and integrate learning points.

For a clear illustration of this process, please refer to the session plans of the preceding two lessons:

Laughter Wellness Template 1

Laughter Wellness Template 2

Let’s now look at this step by step.