B. Let’s Laugh!

Salient fact: You cannot fully understand what you haven’t experienced.


  1. Self-Assess Yourself Now (Before)
  2. Play The Following Video
  3. Self-Assess Yourself Again (After)

It’s easy and tempting to talk a lot about laughter.

Let’s laugh now so that you have a direct experience of what is being discussed in this lesson.

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

1. Self-assess yourself now (before)

Before viewing the video below, please perform a self-assessment by answering the following one question. All answers will be kept anonymous, and at the end, you will have the opportunity to see the collective responses of everyone.

2. Play the following video

Play the following video and practice from start to finish as if you were in the live event. It lasts 30 minutes.

3. Self-assess yourself again (after)

Only answer the following one question after you have participated in the full Laughter Wellness experience above.