2.8 Review & Next Steps

Key takeaway:

  • Always arrive a few minutes before the start of your program so that you have time to greet everybody personally. This is an easy way to break the ice and position you in a friendly light. Step one is all about creating context and safety. Introduce yourself briefly.
  • Step two is very important. Essentially, you have three jobs to do: (1) explain how the class is going to work, (2) demo and practice four exercises to make sure everybody is willing and able to participate, and (3) mention three key reminders that serve to either motivate or respectfully excuse any troublemakers that may have been identified.
  • Use the following 3-step process to teach your exercises in Step Three:
    1. Tell: Give it a name.
    2. Show: Give a short demo of what it could look like.
    3. Do: Do: This is the most important step, which is a clear sign that it’s time for all to practice together, e.g., “Ready, set, go!”
  • Step four marks a transition from interactive exercises and activities done with eyes opened to introspective ones best-done eyes closed. Wait for a silence of minimum 20 seconds after a bout of laughter before moving on to another activity.
  • Step Five helps to shift people’s focus back to a thinking mode and understand the experience and its connection to daily life. How many activities you can practice then depends on how much time you have left!

This lesson has one recommended homework. Completing it will take you about one hour.

On this page:

You now understand and know how to facilitate a 30-minute Laughter Wellness class.

Initially, it may appear complex with multiple components in motion. However, through practical experience, you will soon understand that it is not as complicated as it seems. It’s similar to acquiring a new skill, such as swimming or riding a bicycle. The more you do it, the easier and more fun it becomes!

There is much more to learn, but there is no point in doing that until you integrate what you’ve learned.

Recommended Homework

If you aspire to gain further knowledge, your task now is to teach a complete class to one or more friends using the information you have acquired so farIf you aspire to gain further knowledge, your task is to teach a complete class to one or more friends using the information you have acquired.

You have three choices:

  1. Teach the Laughter Wellness experience #1 (download the PDF)
  2. Teach the Laughter Wellness experience #2 (download the PDF)
  3. Create your own class using this document (download the PDF) and the following reference list (download the PDF):

Reference List

Coming Up

Lesson Three is designed to help you fine-tune and sharpen your Laughter Wellness teaching skills at every step. You will gain a better and deeper understanding of the methodology and learn how to adapt more easily to new situations and produce high-quality work. This, in turn, will boost your self-confidence and help you gain a lot of personal satisfaction.

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