2.2 The Steps

Key takeaway: Laughter Wellness classes unfold in five steps. Each is important. They all need to be there but are all elastic, meaning you can make them shorter or longer based on your personal preferences and needs.

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Enjoy our expertly crafted material without straining your eyes or compromising your focus.We’ve optimized our course content for easy reading on paper. Enjoy our expertly crafted material without straining your eyes or compromising your focus. Simply print it out and dive into the world of laughter wellness at your own pace, wherever you are!

Step Nr of activities Format Description
One: Tell Up to 3+ Facilitator talks + optional icebreaker(s). Tell: Create context and safety.
Two: Show 6 Facilitator explains and demonstrates, participants practice. Show: Establish leadership, initiate the shift from individuals to team, create safety, and identify and remove potential troublemakers.
Three: Do As time allows An uninterrupted sequence of short activities (20-60 seconds each) in a rolling sequence. Minimum explanations and talking. Do: Create upward spirals of positivity dynamically and interactively. Fully shift from thinking and judging into feeling and experiencing.
Four: Integrate 4 Introspective activities. Integrate: Deepen the benefits, and regulate chemistry.
Five: Wrap up Up to 4+ Optional spoken activities + group debrief. Wrap-up: Make sense of the experience and integrate learning points.

For a clear illustration of this process, please refer to the session plans of the preceding two lessons:

Laughter Wellness Template 1

Laughter Wellness Template 2

Let’s now look at this step by step.