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Key takeaway: Laughter Wellness stands out as an innovative and comprehensive approach to well-being. It is a revitalizing tonic for the mind and body and is a fun, safe, and holistic way to improve your quality of life and build community.

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What: Laughter Wellness is a well-being program that promotes emotional balance, social connection, and personal empowerment. It’s a program that offers an enjoyable way to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health, learn valuable social skills, and build friendships. In short: Laughter Wellness is a fun and safe way to feel better, be healthier, and make friends. It’s like a power-up for your brain and body, and it’s all about pretending to be your best self, even when you don’t feel like it. You don’t need to be funny or in a good mood to join in or lead the activities.

Who: It was created in the late 2000s in the USA by French-American wellness expert Sebastian Gendry as he sought a way to recover from burnout. During his journey, he found out that laughter has amazing potential to help with healing and overall well-being. He knew focusing on complete wellness was important, not just laughter, so he developed Laughter Wellness. This well-rounded approach provides a safe, enjoyable, and effective way for people to improve their well-being, help with healing, and create meaningful connections with others.

How: Laughter Wellness is like a switch that stops pain and negativity and a cleaning machine for messy emotions. It gets laughter going on purpose, which helps in five important areas (physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health) that form the foundation of healing. People taking part are encouraged to really choose to smile and laugh, being true to themselves without faking it. This caring and energizing way helps everyone show the best of themselves, no matter how they’re feeling, without forcing any emotions. We use a simple and safe 5-step method to build up people’s ability to laugh and help them achieve the trifecta of happiness: a sense of fullness, feeling anchored in the present, and a sense of freedom.

Guiding Principles

The following are not abstract ideas but instead practical guidelines.

Guidelines Practical application
Humans are already perfect, whole, resourceful, and creative Laughter Wellness aims to inspire, empower, and make people think. Its purpose is not to fix anything or anybody. Its fundamental belief is that change is impossible because there is nothing to change. All you can do is choose a different way of being in the face of whatever is.
Intention greatly influences outcome Laughter Wellness postulates that the benefits of laughter are not primarily tied to the physical act of laughing itself but to a mix of variables. It is not what you do that’s most important, but why you are doing it. Don’t fake or force your laughter, for this may make you feel worse if you’re being phony or inauthentic. Instead, choose to laugh as a symbolic expression of the best of who you are or could be at any given moment, using whatever comfortable level of energy is available to you when you want to do so.
The only moment of power is now Learning to narrow your life to the present moment is vital. When you become deeply aware of the present moment, you have peace. This is why Laughter Wellness is designed to promote the trifecta of happiness: a sense of fullness, feeling anchored in the present, and a sense of freedom.
A multi-faceted approach to wellness and well-being is critical Laughter Wellness operates under the understanding that no part of the body/mind/spirit complex, and no part of the brain, works alone. It promotes neuroplasticity and growth experiences using various joy-filled tools, techniques, and exercises.
There is a natural progression in the experience of fun and play that must be respected The energy of play manifests itself in three distinct phases going from less to more. Ignore this, and everything you do will be judged rather than experienced, significantly impacting how much people can benefit from it.

Code Of Ethics

Here is the Laughter Wellness code of ethics and best practices:

Be Authentic
  • Laughter Wellness values transparency and honesty in all aspects of the program.
  • We respect others and credit them for their achievements and ideas.
  • We encourage individuals to find their unique way of shining and to be consistent in their behavior, manners, language, and attitudes.
  • We believe in being accountable, honest, and forthright and helping others without expecting to get something in return.
  • We encourage individuals to have the courage to acknowledge their emotions and communicate honestly with others.
Strive For Fluidity

Laughter Wellness encourages individuals to strive for smoothness and elegance in their ability to handle and adapt to change inside and outside the program. We believe that being able to adapt to change is crucial for overall well-being and happiness.

Pacing Primes

Laughter Wellness encourages a gradual and professional approach towards wellness and well-being, starting from less intense to more intense techniques and exercises. We believe that this approach is more effective and beneficial for individuals. We strive to adapt to people’s ever-changing emotional states and choose the best moment for specific techniques and exercises.

Safety First

Laughter Wellness emphasizes creating safe spaces for all participants, free from harm or danger, where everyone feels welcome and at ease. We respect people’s autonomy and free will and understand that participation in the program should be out of choice rather than obligation.

Be Professional

Laughter Wellness professionals help people discover the power of laughter in promoting well-being and happiness while upholding the following values of professionalism and integrity:

  • Strive for mastery in the skills and tools necessary to do your job at your training level.
  • Appreciate and support the people with whom you work.
  • Practice good manners.
  • Have high ethical and moral standards.
  • Be honest and fair in all your dealings with others.

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