2. Learn

How much and how fast you are going to learn and integrate what this course offers depends on three factors:

  1. Whether or not you practice what we suggest you do.
  2. Whether or not you study what we share in these pages.
  3. Whether or not you do your homework.

How we teach

Consider this:

How do people learn to swim?

The answer is over time, starting in the shallow end of a swimming pool (a safe space), with buoys around their arms or body to make sure they don’t drown, and ideally with some expert guidance. Ignore this process at your own risk, usually only once.

How do people learn to ride a bicycle?

The answer, here too, is over time, at a slow speed, preferably with two extra training wheels,  and if possible with some expert guidance. Do it differently if you want, but know there will be blood and tears if you do that.

It’s the same thing with Laughter Wellness. You are now going to learn how the method works. First we’ll have another experience. Then we’ll explain how it works. Then your homework will be to teach exactly what we’ll give you to someone else.

Let the process guide you, it’s proven to be effective. Like the string that elevates a kite, staying connected to the process allows for successful and imaginative outcomes.

Did you take the time to practice with the 30-minute video we shared in the previous lesson? If not, better late than never. Do it now!

Ready? Go!

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