2. Beginner’s Toolkit

Estimated time to complete this lesson: From 90 minutes. Note that this course is structured sequentially, with each lesson building upon the previous one to minimize redundancy. Begin with Lesson One and only proceed to this lesson once you have completed it.

In this lesson, you will learn how Laughter Wellness interventions are structured and how to teach them to the general public.

The pace and depth at which you’ll absorb and apply the information shared here hinge on three aspects:

  1. Whether or not you practice what we suggest you do. True comprehension only comes through hands-on experience.
  2. The level of dedication you invest in learning and grasping the material presented. Mastery can’t be achieved without a thorough understanding. (Do you know about the Japanese Daruma doll exercise to help you achieve your goals?)
  3. The willingness to do and follow our guidance, including completing the suggested homework. Maintaining any skill requires knowing how to execute it properly.

Beware of the insight fallacy! Understanding something isn’t the same as being able to change it. One of our most enduring societal myths is that once we understand a challenge, the understanding will automatically help us solve it, but that’s not how the world works. I understand how to play a musical instrument, yet I still can’t play the violin even though I’ve been listening to classical music my entire life. Practice is essential.

How we teach

Let the process guide you; it’s proven to be effective. Like the string that elevates a kite, staying connected to the process allows for successful and imaginative outcomes. As the saying goes, “Give me rules so that I can be free.”

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