Become a Laughter Wellness Ambassador in 3 Weeks or 4 Saturdays2024-03-04T17:44:11-08:00

Become a Laughter Wellness Ambassador in 3 Weeks or 4 Saturdays

Embark on a journey into Laughter Wellness, a holistic program that stands out as an innovative and comprehensive approach to well-being:

  • Structured, Simple, and Flexible Approach: Laughter Wellness is designed to energize group experiences. It’s a unique program that will fast-track your expertise and enrich your personal and professional life.
  • Rich Repertoire for Everyone: Explore a variety of exercises, activities, and games, all chosen for their quality and adaptability. Our program adapts to each age group, offering relevant activities for everyone.
  • More Than Just Laughter: Discover a revitalizing tonic for the mind and body that’s also a safe, and holistic way to improve your quality of life and build community.
  • Global Validation: Internationally recognized, this holistic program has been proven effective for over 15 years across six continents.

We offer two options for this 12hour training:

  • Daily dose of delight: 1h10 daily Monday to Friday on week 1 and 3, no classes on  week 2 to give you time to integrate and practice the method, and a 1h30 follow-up after 1 month.
  • Week-end immersion: 2h30 hours four Saturdays in a row, and a 1h30 follow-up after 1 month.

Sebastian is a pioneer behind the global laughter club movement, since 2004.Guided by a Pioneer: With Sebastian Gendry, Creator of Laughter Wellness. Sebastian Gendry, a French-American wellness engineer, is the creative force behind the Laughter Wellness method. A respected pioneer in the global laughter club movement since 2004, Sebastian’s life mission is to attune the world to a universal melody of well-being, where health and joy play the leading notes. His innovative approach and deep passion for wellness make him an inspirational guide for your journey in the Laughter Wellness Ambassador Training Series.
Spread joy in challenging times! Become a Laughter Wellness Ambassador

Discovery Day
1 Session | No Diploma
  • Live Session Day 1
  • Fun, Foundations
  • A New Perspective
Basic Training
No Diploma
  • 5 Live Sessions + All Recordings
  • Fun, Friends, Foundations
  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment

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We're an approved training provider from the International Institute For Complementary Therapists
Embark on an enlightening journey to understand and harness the power of laughter!

What You Will Learn

Agenda Week 1 (Basic Training)

Embark on a transformative week with Laughter Wellness, starting with a complimentary first day. Dive into joy and self-discovery, ideal for ideal for personal enrichment or professional development.

Session 1: Paradigm Shift2024-01-29T09:36:21-08:00
  • Experience firsthand the surprising effects of a Laughter Wellness practice.
  • Uncover the transformative journey of Laughter Wellness from ancient roots to modern science.
  • Delve into the mysteries of how laughter shapes the brain and body.
  • Explore why laughter is often overlooked in traditional wellness models.
  • Discover the power of laughter in creating personal and community resilience.
Session 2: Insights From Science2024-01-30T05:25:39-08:00
  • The Struggle for Laughter’s Recognition: Past to Present
  • Laughter Decoded: Categories, Energy Directions, and Impacts
  • Discovering Your Humor Style: A Personalized Approach
  • Solo Laughter Practices: Techniques for Enhanced Well-being
Session 3: Challenges and Opportunities2024-01-30T03:13:57-08:00
  • Recognize and address common challenges in practicing laughter wellness.
  • Create a toolkit of laughter exercises catering to different comfort levels.
  • Learn the Laughter Wellness three key reminders to effectively address group dynamics and potential issues.
  • Acquire additional activities and exercises to enhance your Laughter Wellness toolkit.
Session 4: After Laughter, Wellness2024-01-30T04:57:03-08:00
  • Learn a variety of icebreakers to enhance group engagement and connection.
  • Dive into deeper laughter meditation practices for a more profound experience.
  • Learn grounding techniques to balance and integrate the laughter experience.
  • Acquire additional activities and exercises to enhance your Laughter Wellness toolkit.
Session 5: Singing, Dancing, and More2024-01-30T03:14:16-08:00
  • Embrace the joy of Laughter Wellness through singing and dancing activities.
  • Explore creative expression through interactive and imaginative games.
  • Share and learn from each other’s experiences in integrating laughter into daily life.
  • Set personal goals for ongoing laughter wellness practice.

Agenda Week 2 (Certification Program)

In Week 2 of the Laughter Wellness Ambassador program you will delve deeper into our 5-step approach. You will learn a variety of enriching exercises. You’ll also gain skills to lead group sessions with enthusiasm and insight. This continuation of your journey, spanning a total of 10 sessions, culminates in earning your Laughter Wellness Ambassador diploma, marking your proficiency in spreading wellness through laughter.

Session 6: From Stressed To Smiling2024-02-22T06:48:22-08:00
  • Begin mastering the first step of facilitating effective Laughter Wellness sessions.
  • Practice various icebreakers to foster a comfortable and engaging class environment.
  • Understand the importance of self-assessment in measuring class impact.
Session 7: Clear Rules Of Engagement2024-02-22T06:48:36-08:00
  • Learn to effectively engage participants from the start.
  • Practice and refine a variety of Laughter Wellness exercises.
  • Implement strategies for dealing with resistance and maintaining a positive class environment.
Session 8: The Art of Dynamic Facilitation2024-02-22T06:48:49-08:00
  • Implement the Laughter Wellness third step, focusing on participant engagement through dynamic exercises.
  • Review and conduct a series of brain integration, breathing, positive reinforcement, and laughter exercises, emphasizing the balance between spontaneity and structure.
  • Strengthen your facilitation skills through practice, feedback, and adaptation.
Step 9: From Movement to Meditation2024-02-22T06:49:05-08:00
  • Learn to facilitate a laughter meditation for a deeper emotional connection.
  • Implement grounding activities to balance and integrate the laughter experience.
  • Guide participants through reflective spoken activities and self-assessment.
  • Conduct effective debriefing to connect laughter experiences with daily life.
Session 10: Laughter Leadership2024-02-22T06:49:23-08:00
  • Creating Thriving Laughter Clubs
  • Training Recap and Q&A
  • Charting the Path Forward
  • Diploma Celebration

6 Benefits Of Laughter Wellness

Laughter Wellness works like a circuit breaker for pain and negativity by intentionally setting the energy of laughter in motion, acting as a powerful trigger for benefits in five dimensions that form the foundation of healing.

How It Works

Laughter Wellness stands distinct with its innovative 5-step blueprint, blending the rejuvenating power of laughter with a human-centric approach. What people appreciate and value the most about it is the richness, depth, and breadth of its approach. It offers hundreds of reliable, joy-filled, and documented techniques and exercises that you can implement right away and get results from.

6 Words That Describe Our Training

The skills from this course can enhance daily life by improving personal well-being, enriching social interactions with joyful communication, offering stress relief techniques, and providing strategies for maintaining a positive mindset. They’re also applicable in professional settings to foster a healthier, more engaged, and collaborative environment.

Who Should Attend?

The Laughter Wellness Ambassador course is designed for adults seeking to enhance their well-being and spread joy through the power of laughter. It is ideal for personal enrichment or professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled here our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Laughter Wellness program, aiming to guide you on your path with us. If you don’t find your question listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re here to assist and ensure your experience is as joyful and informative as possible. Let’s embark on this laughter-filled journey together!

Who is eligible to receive a Laughter Wellness Ambassador diploma?2024-02-22T06:51:49-08:00

Anyone who attends a minimum of 80% of the sessions in the Laughter Wellness Ambassador program is eligible to receive the diploma. Those who attend fewer sessions will receive a certificate of participation. Active participation in live sessions is crucial for practical learning, as mere understanding doesn’t equate to real knowledge or skill. This approach ensures that you gain both theoretical insight and practical experience, essential for mastering the concepts and practices of Laughter Wellness.

What prior knowledge or experience is required to enroll in this training?2023-12-14T02:21:19-08:00

No prior knowledge or experience is required. The course is designed to accommodate both beginners and those familiar with wellness practices, providing foundational to advanced insights.

How much time should I ideally set aside weekly to get the most out of this course?2023-12-14T04:16:32-08:00

To maximize the benefits of this course, we suggest dedicating an additional minimum of 30 minutes daily beyond the session time for study and practice. However, doing so is optional and depends on your learning objectives as all essential content is covered in the live sessions.

Do I have to complete homework assignments during the course?2023-12-14T03:50:19-08:00

Homework assignments are suggested to enhance your learning, including simple at-home activities and extra learning opportunities. However, completing them is optional and depends on your objectives as all essential content is covered in the live sessions.

If I’m unable to attend a live session, will there be recordings available?2023-12-21T01:11:46-08:00

Yes, all registered participants at any level of registration will have access to recordings of the sessions they are enrolled in. This feature ensures that if you’re unable to attend a live session, you can still engage with the training material at a time that suits you, without missing out on any aspect of the program you’ve signed up for. Remember, space is limited, so make sure to register to secure your spot!

Can I interact directly with Sebastian Gendry during the training?2024-01-02T08:16:53-08:00

Yes, you will interact directly with Sebastian Gendry during the training. The Ambassador training is limited to 6-12 participants, ensuring personalized attention and meaningful engagement for each individual.

Are there opportunities for progression beyond this introductory training?2023-12-14T04:03:16-08:00

Yes, there are further progression opportunities beyond this level 1 introductory training. We offer four levels of Laughter Wellness training:

  • Level 2: Certified Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training for skill enhancement and application. (4 days in-person or 24 hours online over 3 months.)
  • Level 3: Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher Training, emphasizing mastery and leadership. (7-days in-person.)
  • Level 4: Certified Laughter Wellness Consultant Training, a comprehensive 1-year one-on-one mentorship with Sebastian Gendry.

We’ll provide more details on the most relevant next steps for you at the end of the 2-week course.


Discovery Day
1 Session | No Diploma
  • Live Session Day 1
  • Fun, Foundations
  • A New Perspective
Basic Training
No Diploma
  • 5 Live Sessions + All Recordings
  • Fun, Friends, Foundations
  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment

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