This was a full summer! I will post more videos here as soon as I get to edit them, and for now here is what I have.

In short: My experience is the same every year. Laughter Wellness rocks and is such a valuable, reliable and fun way to help people get better in body, mind and spirit!

The 2017 All America Laughter Conference in Portland, Oregon, was a wonderful and so much fun to start the summer!

From Portland I then went to New York City for a private engagement.

From NYC I went to London to offer a Laughter Wellness playshop. I was there earlier on in January for a short evening program and the participants then insisted that I come back. See the video.) Here is the June photo album: England

From London I flew to Madrid, Spain, where I met with my wife (behind me on the picture below) and we went to Toledo where we offered a Laughter Wellness program at a Humor conference sponsored by the European Community Erasmus+ program. See the photo album. (Those of you with sharp eyes will recognize Francis Monferrer on my right who presented a few weeks earlier on Laughter Coaching at the 2017 All America Laughter Conference in Portland, Oregon.)

From Spain we then went to France, mostly to rest and spend a few days with my family. Several of my French students insisted that I give them a refresher course and made that happen. See the photo album.

A journalist from the Chaine Parlementaire came along and produced the following segment on laughter:

The next stop was Munich, Germany, where I have been teaching every summer for the past several years. I greatly enjoy the people there. The Germans are so committed and professionals! Here is the photo album.

This was unfortunately the last time I laughed with Claude Messer, a pilar from the laughter movement in Switzerland, who died unexpectedly at the end of August.

This was in Limassol, Cyprus, where I offered a Laughter Wellness trainer training.

My last big European stop of the summer was in the Palestinian Occupied Territories where I was invited by the Clown Doctor organization Red Noses Palestine. I am proud to announce that Laughter Wellness is now officially established there and is the first laughter modality ever introduced in that part of the world, with weekly programs being offered. See the photo album. Learn more about Laughter Wellness in Arab countries at

It is not my place to comment on the political situation there and the daily challenges this create for millions of people on both sides of the wall (that thing is an abomination). The only thought I had for the entire duration of my stay there was “What is the price of victory?”