>>Laughter Wellness 2016 World Tour: Europe and Americas

Laughter Wellness 2016 World Tour: Europe and Americas

After New Zealand and Australia I headed straight for France and met with my wife and son (themselves coming from California) at the airport in Paris. We spent one week together with my family, following which Raquel went on to Ecuador to deal with some family business (we will spend the whole of August there together) and I went myself to Israel.

Here are some pictures from France:

Our French wedding

Israel was a most heart-warming visit and I look forward to going back. Thank you Alex Sternick for organizing this trip!

Laughter Wellness in Israel

…and then there was the first ever Laughter Wellness training in Russia:

See the photo album.

I taught in Munich, Germany, like I do every year. There was a shooting a couple of miles away from where our Laughter Wellness training took place about 30 minutes before we started on the Friday evening and several people were killed. By the time we found out the whole city was in lockdown. Our 2 hour event turned into a 6 hour one as people could not leave. What a blessing it was to be able to laugh about it all!

My last 2 stops of the summer were in Quebec, Canada where I offered a Laughter Wellness playshop (photo album) and Ecuador where my wife Raquel and myself toured for most of August offering a variety of laughter programs and retreats (photo album)

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