One-Week Level 2 Training Retreat in Western France

Certified Laughter Wellness Facilitator Training: Elevate your skills in a comprehensive program with expert Sebastian Gendry, designed for all levels of laughter professionals.In 2024, we are delighted to offer a unique opportunity for both personal and professional development through our “Harmony & Humor: Level 2 Training Retreat in Western France.

This exclusive 7-day event, our only residential Level 2 training of the year, is nestled in the serene countryside of the Loire Valley within our newly established retreat facility. The retreat begins on Sunday, July 22, welcoming you before dinner, and concludes on Sunday, July 28, after we share our final lunch.

Immerse yourself in the enriching world of Laughter Wellness, with a special emphasis on enriching games that foster both joy and growth. Beyond the transformative training, we’ve curated a selection of unique, off-the-beaten-path activities to capture the essence of Western France’s charm.

This retreat is designed to be an intimate experience, limiting attendance to six participants. This ensures that each individual receives personalized guidance and contributes to a warm, communal atmosphere. The package, starting at €1795, includes seven days of training, accommodation, and meals based on double occupancy. Travel expenses to and from the retreat are not included. We encourage international travelers to arrive 1 day before to better adapt to the time change.

Our retreat is conveniently accessible by train from any international French airport, approximately 3 hours from Paris. Pre-arranged pickups are available from our local train stations (Laval, Angers, or Sablé-Sur-Sarthe). For those arriving simultaneously at the airport, arrangements can be made for direct pickup.

Join us for a harmonious blend of learning, laughter, and leisure in the heart of France.

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Jul 21 - 28 2024


Sebastian Gendry
Sebastian Gendry
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