Begeben Sie sich auf eine erhellende Reise, um die Kraft des Lachens zu verstehen und zu nutzen!

Werden Sie in 2 Wochen oder 4 Samstagen Lach-Wellness-Botschafter

Discover Laughter Wellness with its creator, Sébastien Gendry, a Franco-American coach and one of the pioneers of the global laughter club movement since 2004. Laughter Wellness is a holistic program that stands out as an innovative and comprehensive approach to well-being:

  • Structured, Simple, and Flexible Approach: Laughter Wellness is designed to energize group experiences. It’s a unique program that will fast-track your expertise and enrich your personal and professional life.
  • Rich Repertoire for Everyone: Explore a variety of exercises, activities, and games, all chosen for their quality and adaptability. Our program adapts to each age group, offering relevant activities for everyone.
  • More Than Just Laughter: Discover a revitalizing tonic for the mind and body that’s also a safe, and holistic way to improve your quality of life and build community.
  • Global Validation: Internationally recognized, this holistic program has been proven effective for over 15 years across six continents.

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Stündlicher Zeitplan

Tag 1: Paradigmenwechsel (1 Stunde)

Tag 2: Wertvolle Erkenntnisse aus der Wissenschaft (1 Stunde)

Tag 3: Lachen aufgedeckt (1 Stunde)

Tag 4: Wirkungsvolle Lachstrategien (1 Stunde)

Tag 5+6: Reflektieren + verbinden

Tag 7: Grundlagen der Moderation (1 Stunde)

Tag 8: Lach-Wellness-Toolkit (1 Stunde)

Tag 9: Fortgeschrittene Lachtechniken (1 Stunde)

Tag 10+11: Kollaborative Meisterschaft

Tag 12: Lachführung (1,5 Stunden)


Mrz 11 - 23 2024

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Sebastian Gendry
Sebastian Gendry
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