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We Train The Trainers

The Laughter Consultants, LLC

The Laughter Wellness Institute is managed by The Laughter Consultants, LLC, a team of seasoned consultants, coaches and facilitators with a lifelong passion for the field of human potential, wellness and overall wellbeing.

The Laughter Wellness method is taught both through in-person and online trainings. We work in close collaboration with the Laughter Online University, a leading provider of eLearning solutions on Laughter Therapy.

The Laughter Wellness method was developed by French-American Laughter Therapist Sebastien Gendry over the course of a decade offering a variety of laughter programs to 1000s of people on four continents. It keeps on expanding as more and more professionals join the Laughter Wellness team.

We believe in playfulness that leads to personal growth, joy-filled techniques and exercises that promote a deeper level of awareness, and positive and empowering human connections that foster social harmony.

Our faculty members are recognized experts. They are masters in the art of using laughter to help people to heal in body, mind and spirit. Sebastien Gendry is breaking new ground in the field of Laughter Therapy, expanding it through his constant invention of creative new strategies and teaching tools. This reflects on you. Your clients will know that you learned from the best in the field.

Sebastien is a master Laughter Yoga trainer and was the second person in the world to dedicate himself full time to the promotion of this exercise regime. He played a major role in introducing Laughter Yoga in North America and other countries. He has been active at the highest level in the international movement of laughter clubs since 2005, directly inspiring the creation of hundreds of these community groups and continuing to do so. In 2016 he completed another Laughter Wellness World Tour, this time covering 15 cities in 10 countries in 84 days. Read more.