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From My Laughter Wellness To Yours 2017-04-03T10:08:59+00:00

Two days of fun and learning!

This experiential 2-day workshop is an opportunity for both new and seasoned laughter professionals to have a deeper experience and understanding of the Laughter Wellness method.

Day one is a fun and very hands-on day of personal growth building rich human connections. Its focus is on deepening our understanding of laughter, how it works and benefits people, and how this all translates in practice. This is essential because just like having lots of musical instruments will not make you a better musician, knowing lots of laughter exercises and techniques is not what can take you to the next level of your laughter abilities. What we do is nowhere near as important as why and how we do it.

Day two builds on day one. We will now focus on laughter styles (methodology and techniques used) and what works best, where and when. You will walk away at the end of this week-end with a wider and deeper repertoire of joy-filled tools and techniques together with the clear understanding of how to use them to release physical and emotional tensions and create positive behavioral changes.

  • This is not a formal training. You will receive a certificate of attendance but not a diploma.
  • If you do not work in the laughter field but want to attend, this is a wonderful in-depth immersion opportunity.