Take your laughter skills and career to the next level!

The Laughter Wellness Level 3 is our most advanced training level. It is intended for people who want to take their laughter skills to the next level and/or learn how to certify others as Laughter Wellness Teachers, Level 1 and 2.

Price: One payment of $1,497 or 12x $139.
Modality: Online + one week-end in person.
Duration: 12 months

Key Objectives: Benefits:
Bring your skills to the highest level based on the current state of the art in Laughter Wellness practices. You will work closely with Sebastien Gendry to ensure efficient and accurate transfer of knowledge.

You will get to apply your practical and theoretical knowledge in teaching others about Laughter Wellness through a series of practical role plays with your fellow students and real-life exercises in your community.

Many of our students add thousands of $ to their annual income with this training, having fun making a difference.

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