Discover and learn Laughter Therapy: The Laughter Wellness Level 1 Teacher Training (International Certification) Is Ideal For Those Who Are Seeking And/Or Want To Teach The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social and Spiritual Benefits Of Laughter

The Laughter Wellness Level 1 is a foundation workshop in Laughter Wellness, a complete – and fun! – system of methods that unlocks the many healing benefits of laughter and promotes physical wellness and overall wellbeing throughout people’s lifespan. There is a new frontier in Wellness! Allow us to help you evolve your edge.
What you will learn and practice: Benefits:
Simple techniques to laugh alone and add more laughter and joy into your life. Knowing how to vocalize and release a lot of tension in a positive way without having to verbalize anything is a very valuable lifeskill.
How to teach 1-1 laughter sessions. Therapists and carers in particular love this part.
How to teach group laughter sessions. This is ideal if you want to help lead or start your own laughter club.
Laughter Therapy
Laughter Therapy
Laughter Therapy
Laughter Therapy
Duration of in-person training
2 days (12 contact hours).
Typical training hours are 9am-5:30pm daily, with 4 teaching blocks of 1.5 hour each (9-10:30m, 11-12:30pm, 2-3:30pm and 4-5:30pm.)
Skill level achieved
Who can attend
Open to all.
There are no prerequisites.
In-Person: US$195
Standard Plan
In-Person: US$345
Online: US$250
Pro Plan
In-Person: US$495
Online: US$495
Upcoming Laughter Wellness Level 1 Teacher Trainings
Become a Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher!
Cancellation policy, Where to stay, What to bring, and more…
Here are five of the key reasons why Laughter Wellness is unique from a learning and teaching perspective.

Key reason #1 What it means
Laughter Wellness is a complete methodology.
  • Laughter Wellness is thoroughly documented and everything you need to know is already included in the training material. You never have to take notes.
  • You will never have any kind of performance anxiety not knowing what to do because we have 100s of professional exercises always ready and available for you in the online laughter session planner.
Key reason #2 What it means
Laughter Wellness is filled with laughter, yes, but – and it’s a big BUT – it’s about wellness and wellbeing.
  • While everything we do aims to be experienced as fun, in all truth fun is a just a convenient distraction because there are always (usually several) therapeutic goals for every exercise and activity that we engage in.
Key reason #3 What it means
In Laughter Wellness we don’t fake or force anything and we discourage silly or crazy behaviors.
  • Our laughter-based programs are not a show or a way to get people’s attention. From a facilitator’s perspective this is very freeing because your job is to facilitate a particular dynamic, not to entertain people or try to shine in front of them.
  • Laughter Wellness has one key idea: Choose to laugh (By choosing to laugh, you create safety for yourself, while establishing a choice to live.)
Key reason #4 What it means
Laughter Wellness uses very clever techniques to silence the mental chatter, the negative voice in people’s heads that usually say “I can’t, because”, and you will learn how to use these techniques.
  • You will never have to worry about difficult groups or negative people, because they don’t stand a chance. It’s just not possible to keep thinking bad when you start to feel good.
Key reason #5 What it means
Laughter Wellness is a western approach to the world of therapeutic laughter that embraces the many different approaches that are going on.
  • You’re getting the best of all worlds in a delivery format that’s grounded in science and is reliable and sustainable.
I know these words have been used before, but I swear they went through my head as well. By the end of the training, I not only had new core muscles, I didn’t want to leave. HOW MUCH FUN!!! I felt like I had changed. I definitively was NOT the same person I had arrived as. Are you ready to change from the inside out? If so, sign up for the next training with Sebastien! You’ll never be the same!!!
Lori Lee Saille, College Professor
Lori Lee Saille, College Professor
Laughter Wellness Photo Album

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