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Laughter Wellness Immersion Classes

Duration: Typically 3 hours each

These are experiential events that explores through numerous joy-, play- and interactive laughter-filled activities what it means to live a happier, healthier and more connected life at home and at work. You will learn essential tools and techniques that you can use right away and get immediate results from.

Attend all 8 events and you will receive the Certified Laughter Wellness Facilitator diploma.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Why there is a new frontier in laughter, wellness: Science, Key concepts.

Unlocking Your Smile Muscles

FUNdamental Laughter Wellness techniques, activities and exercises.

From Low To Glow

Beyond laughter: How to leverage the power of music, movements, games and creativity.

The Healing Breath Of Ha!

How to integrate laughter in your everyday life for wellness and wellbeing + teaching laughter 1-1.

Laughter Wellness Playshop

How to facilitate group Laughter Wellness classes, Laughter Yoga and beyond.

After Laughter

A laughter look at introductory presentation and media skills, heckler handling, what to do when… in laughter programs, and a review of what makes Laughter Club success.

Stretch ‘n Laugh

Introduction to laughing with seniors and the chair bound.

Happy Teaching, Happy Learning

Introduction to laughing with children and the world of education.

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