From 2.5 hours: Laughter Wellness Playshop


Experience the Laughter Wellness method! Human beings have forgotten how to play. Instead they’ve become serious, resulting in rampant disconnection from self and others and dis-ease. This workshop is an invitation to journey back into wellness and joyfulness and develop a deep sense of inner peace and positive connection with self and others. We will not play at being kids again, but rather journey to reconnect with the freedom and joyfulness of our inner child and bring these qualities of being back to the adult.

There is a magical moment when we engage in joyful play when we are fully present, at peace with who we are and the world around us, fully in the here and now. In that space we (re)connect with our essence as humans, beings, without judgment, pressure, masks or roles.

Learning objectives

  • Reconnect with the innocence, tenderness, freshness, and creative spirit of the inner child, able to give the same we want to receive.
  • Potentiate self-esteem, self-confidence and knowledge of self.
  • Learn how to keep our joy alive and well in every moment, and live in joy and love.
  • Learn numerous joy-filled techniques and exercises that release physical and emotional tensions and create positive behavioral changes.

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