2-day professional development wellness program

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Happy Teaching Happy Learning

Come learn and practice happiness-boosting tools and strategies that you will be able to implement right away and get results from, in your own life and in the classroom.


  • Who this is for: Teachers, educators and support/admin staff
  • Duration: 2 days (12 contact hours)


Learning how to create and maintain a positive attitude is of tremendous value in life in general and in the teaching profession in particular. This is because happiness and learning are directly connected. On one hand teachers who are content strive to motivate their students to engage in active learning, and in turn this enhances student performance. On the other hand happy students are engaged and invested in their work and open to new ideas and guidance from others.

What You Will Learn

Stay current with the latest findings in the science of happiness and how they apply to the teaching profession! This
2-day professional development wellness program is packed with tools and strategies that you will be able to implement right away and get results from. This is the most fun you will ever have learning and practicing:

  • Refreshing pathways to improve your own well-being and develop and maintain a positive and friendly attitude.
  • Simple, reliable and practical tools and techniques for everyday life to motivate yourself and others.
  • Techniques and strategies to foster engagement, face adversity, help students get back on track, and overall create a college-going culture focused on completion.
  • Active and playful learning strategies to enhance your teaching effectiveness, addressing differences in learning styles of students.
  • How to develop and maintain a sense of collegiality with your peers.