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Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Duration: 30-120 minutes.

In general

Everybody knows that laughing feels good, but did you know that, used well, it can have far-reaching positive impacts on the body, mind and spirit? There is an untapped force, contained within us, that has the power to totally change our lives. All we have to do in order to unlock this secret, is to simply start using it. Laughter cannot heal or solve anything, but it can help to heal and dissolve everything.

This workshop is an invitation to discover the Laughter Wellness method, a professional and refreshing approach to wellness and overall wellbeing that shows how to unlock the healing powers of laughter and the energies behind it, at home and at work. The appeal of Laughter Wellness is that it combines and expands key elements from various wellness modalities into a rich, solid and versatile blend that is safe, reliable and adaptable.

In particular

Come experience and learn essential joy-filled tools and techniques to release physical and emotional tensions and create positive behavioral changes. You will discover a novel approach to feeling the joy in your heart, access your inner cellular pharmacy, open your lungs and ventilate your spirit, and much more. Prepare to get a healthy D.O.S.E. of happiness (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins) coming straight out of your own inner cellular pharmacy, at no extra cost and with no negative side-effects!

What to bring

  • An open-mind and a big smile.
  • Comfortable clothes & footwear.
  • A bottle of water.

What it looks like in practice

Suggested Facebook event pictures (784×295 – click on any of the images below to download):

Laughter Wellness Discovery Event

Laughter Wellness Discovery Event

Laughter Wellness Discovery Event

Laughter Wellness Discovery Event

About Sebastien Gendry


The Laughter Wellness method offers a practical way to switch on your brain’s happy chemicals and much more.

A happy person is not a person in a set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.Hugh Downs

Physical Benefits

Learn how to use laughter as a valuable form of preventive and complementary medicine and provide important natural defenses against illness.

Emotional Benefits

Learn how to elevate mood, counteract depression symptoms and promote recovery from negative emotions.

Mental Benefits

Learn how to diffuses bad stress, enhance problem-solving skills and create a new perspective.

Social Benefits

Learn how to foster better communication, help build cooperative bonds that are vital to group living, and improve empathy between people.

On a deeper level

Learn how to create an inner pool of attraction for a different, positive and more integrated way of being in the world.

Benefits of laughter


What people say about Laughter Wellness

After 2.5 hours

After one day

After two days

“Whenever I feel overwhelmed by life’s trials, I enlist the techniques you taught, with marvelous results.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Pat Holder

“This program has changed my life and I am changing others step by step.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Karen Hasick

“I have learned so much and gained so much self confidence.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Mary Mayer

“I absolutely loved the weekend of training. It filled in a lot of gaps for me.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Dal Kular

“Training with you was such a truly magnificent learning experience. You have a great program and being a part of it is a blessing.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Julie Pugmire

“What a FUN, stimulating and inspiring learning experience!”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Melody Meyer

“I didn’t want to leave. HOW MUCH FUN!!! I felt like I had changed. I definitively was NOT the same person I had arrived as.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Lori Lee Saille

“I had no idea that this training would have such a deep positive impact on me.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Karen Siugzda

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