After Israel I then went on to teach in Munich, Germany.

This was the week-end when a young man killed 8 other people and himself, a couple of miles away and about 1 hour before the first event I offered.

We got the news at the end of the scheduled two hours. All freeways and public transports were shutdown and the police advised all to stay indoors because there were several suspected shooters on the loose. So we kept at it for another 3 hours. For me this was an experience of much respect, love and compassion that brought everybody closer together. People were concerned, but not stressed.

One of the participant who had signed up to come on Friday did not come then because she had a panic attack when she heard the news. She came however for the week-end, arrived distraught and left transformed. Laughter is indeed a political act, a declaration of independence.

Group from Friday evening (Laughter Wellness 2-hour discovery)
Laughter Wellness
Group from the week-end training (Laughter Wellness Playshop)
Laughter Wellness

Here are some video testimonials: