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The Laughter Wellness method is a fully codified and substantiated approach to Laughter Therapy that’s focused on amplifying a positive attitude and designed to improve physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. It is safe and easy to implement.

We didn’t really know until recently how to use laughter as a sound and reliable therapeutic tool, but we do now and the results are unbelievable. There is an untapped force, contained within us, that has the power to significantly enrich our lives. All we have to do to benefit is to simply start using it. Ready?

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Laughter Wellness 2016 World Tour: Russia

After Germany I headed to Moscow, Russia, to offer the first Laughter Wellness Teacher training, level 1. What a welcoming people! It was an honor to meet, share [...]


What people say about Laughter Wellness

“Whenever I feel overwhelmed by life’s trials, I enlist the techniques you taught, with marvelous results.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Pat Holder

“This program has changed my life and I am changing others step by step.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Karen Hasick

“I have learned so much and gained so much self confidence.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Mary Mayer

“I absolutely loved the weekend of training. It filled in a lot of gaps for me.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Dal Kular

“Training with you was such a truly magnificent learning experience. You have a great program and being a part of it is a blessing.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Julie Pugmire

“What a FUN, stimulating and inspiring learning experience!”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Melody Meyer

“I didn’t want to leave. HOW MUCH FUN!!! I felt like I had changed. I definitively was NOT the same person I had arrived as.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Lori Lee Saille

“I had no idea that this training would have such a deep positive impact on me.”

Happy Laughter Wellness Student

Karen Siugzda